Coda Prodigy Violin Bow 4/4 - Dalseno String Studio

Coda Prodigy Violin Bow 4/4

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  • Precocious Performance Design
  • Constructed using carbon fibre
  • Graphite Diamond Weave Shaft
  • Blended Kevlar Acoustic Core 
  • Frog body constructed using eco-friendly composite Xebony
  • Nickel Silver fittings and winding
  • Moroccan Leather grip 
  • Genuine Mongolian Stallion Hair 
  • Metal Alloy tip plate
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty provided by Coda
  • Weighs approximately 50-60 grams

Coda unite the time-honoured traditions of bowmaking with the future of advanced materials. Coda Bow is recognised worldwide as the pioneer of modern, carbon fibre bows. The sound is brilliant, open and clear and they offer a wide range of styles, in a wide price range, for all musicians. Simply for Strings' team of professional players and teachers hand-select each bow to exacting criteria, including examining the hair,camber of the bow and the bow's ability and sound across different techniques.

About Coda Prodigy: 

The shared vision of innovative bow makers and professional teachers, the Prodigy finally offers exceptional students an elevating and supportive design. With a clear, strong, even sound, it is built to provide on-string forgiveness and comfort while enhancing the student's natural and developing capabilities. This bow will reinforce a young artist's confidence in their performance.