Dominant Pro Violin Set 4/4

Dominant Pro Violin Set 4/4

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With the new DOMINANT PRO strings, Thomastik-Infeld meets the special expectations of today's musicians in terms of sound aesthetics and technical requirements. Building on the legendary DOMINANT, Thomastik-Infeld wants to expand the repertoire of tonal possibilities with the new DOMINANT PRO and at the same time do justice to the most varied of playing styles.

The very low string tension of the DOMINANT PRO set should not only support the character of the instrument, it also significantly improves the ability of the sound to modulate. DOMINANT PRO responds powerfully and warmly as required, with many brilliant nuances.
This set sounds darker than DOMINANT medium, but the address is more direct and the sound more focused. The projection in the hall is above average.

The following can be highlighted as special qualities:

  • a large dynamic range, which means that the strings can be played particularly quietly, but also very loudly
  • the improved resistance to bow pressure compared to the classic DOMINANT string, which makes the DOMINANT PRO ideal for solo use
  • the pronounced balance between brilliance and warmth
  • a supporting effect on the radiance of the instrument
  • creates a room-filling sound
  • very good bow response

E string DP01 nickel / tin (diameter 0.265mm, 8.0kg, with removable ball), with a core made of carbon steel.
The string responds very well, hardly whistles and is balanced in brilliance and warmth. It supports the balance to the A string and promotes its tonal carrying capacity.

A string DP02 aluminum (5.5kg)
The string is very colourful, has a good balance between brilliance and warmth, excellent response and good bow pressure resistance.

D string DP03A silver (4.5 kg)
offers a very fine-grain bow sound, brilliance and distinctive timbres with a lot of modulation ability.

G string DP04A silver (4.6 kg)
The DOMINANT PRO G-string has a very low metallic content, less bow noise and a more direct response than the DOMINANT Medium. It is suitable for most new and old instruments, soloists, chamber musicians and also ideal for use in orchestras. Due to the slightly increased tension of the strings compared to DOMINANT No. 133, it also offers increased resistance to bow pressure.

Thomastik-Infeld recommends the Peter Infeld Rosin (item no. 501092) as a suitable rosin.