Larica Gold Rosin Grade I-IV

Larica Gold Rosin Grade I-IV

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Larica Gold Rosin continues the tradition of the famous Liebenzeller Gold Rosin. It uses the original formula and manufacturing process. Each step is done by hand and therefore they can guarantee the high quality you have come to expect from Liebenzeller rosin.

This special rosin is made using pure larch resin. Gold is added during production, giving the rosin special properties which allow instruments to sound warmer, brighter and more lively. It must be used sparingly.

To take full advantage of this high quality rosin please keep in mind, before applying gold rosin for the first time, the bow should be thoroughly cleaned or rehaired. Apply less rosin to the bow than you normally would and clean the strings from time to time. The bow should also be cleaned, but less frequently.

Often in the beginning, too much rosin is applied to the bow and therefore it does not stick very well to the strings. When this happens, the tone may not develop fully.

Gold rosin is particularly well balanced and therefore the most versatile metal rosin. It improves the roundness, resonance, warmth and clarity of an instrument’s tone. Many new timbres can be discovered using this special rosin. Gold rosin is suitable for all instruments.

Grades I and II are suitable for violin.

Grades II and III are suitable for viola.

Grades III and IV are suitable for cello.

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Larica Gold Rosin – Alex W Grant Violins