Larsen Virtuoso Viola String Set (Medium) / 15"-16.5"

Larsen Virtuoso Viola String Set (Medium) / 15"-16.5"

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‘A golden, open and clear tone with a nice balance of warmth and brilliance.’

If something works then why change it? Since its original launch back in 1995, Larsen’s Original Viola A has become almost the default choice for violists. The string offers excellent projection with a broad spectrum of sound colours, combining with a long lasting and consistent performance. With the development of the Virtuoso Viola strings, the focus has been upon creating a new offering for viola D, G and C, built upon the firm foundations of Larsen’s tried and trusted A, creating a balance of qualities to complement and mutually enhance something old with something new.

The new Virtuoso for viola, available as individual strings or as sets in Medium and Soloist variants, achieves that complementary balance. The Medium set delivers a rich sound texture whilst the Soloist is more focused and brings greater volume to the instrument.