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Nyman Professional Double Bass Rosin

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Nyman Double Bass Rosin is a medium hard/hard rosin used by beginners and orchestral professionals alike. The sticky formula is perfect for white, black and salt and pepper mixed hair bows. The Nyman Rosin is wrapped in a metallic foil - just peel one side of the foil down a few centimeters and rosin away. 

Draw the bow across the surface of the cake with long downward strokes - do not draw the hair back and forth across the cake. The sticky formulation of this rosin could damage your bow hair if not used correctly. 

Rosin is made from tree sap and creates friction between the strings and the bow. Rosin causes the bow hair to stick to the string and pull it, which in turn creates the sound. It’s a good idea to keep a spare rosin stashed away in case it is misplaced or dropped.