Wittner Finetune Peg Set Cello

Wittner Finetune Peg Set Cello

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The Wittner Finetune geared pegs make tuning your instrument a breeze. They eliminate all the hassles associated with regular pegs such as pegs slipping or getting stuck due to lack of peg paste, improper fit or climatic changes in temperature/humidity and string breakages due to ‘over turning’.

They are made from a composite, light alloy material and are installed the same way as a traditional peg. Fitting is unique to each individual instruments and should be installed by a professional luthier. 

Tuning is performed by turning peg head, however the peg shaft stays in place which means there is no friction between the peg and the peg box. Only the button and the geared middle section of the shaft on which the string is wound, moves. 

The Fine Tune pegs have an internal gearing ratio of 8:1 for precise tuning and the set includes 4 x Wittner Finetune Pegs.